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Vandana Walia

Vandana Walia is a one of the most regarded “Event Architects” in Chicago. She began her career in event planning more than fourteen years ago by planning weddings and events for friends and family – her clients recognized her creativity and at their urging she officially launched the Vchilli Group in 2005 and since then has planned events and celebrations all over the world.

She has successfully grown her brand to become an expert in not only events but marketing , curating spaces for events , specializing in not for profit events and was one of the first to bring bring south asian culture to the mainstream in Chicago. Her clients love her calm demeanor, ingenious ideas and her ability to bring any vision to life. Whether it’s a dinner for two or a big blowout for thousands, Vandana and her team have a knack for making their clients’ dreams come true.

Vandana and her team are known for planning some of the most high-profile celebrations and some of the clients include - Discover , IBM , Advocate Hospital group, Whole Foods, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, Akshaypatra Foundation, Art Institute of Chicago, Field Museum, Zee, Bollywood celebrities – to name a few


Vchilli is a full service event planning, decor, coordination, design and management company. Our team will create and execute the most exciting, edgy, innovative,  fun celebrations and Corporate events ever seen AND they will be environmentally and socially friendly!

At Vchilli , we consider ourselves to be cultural architects -

our innate understanding of cultural nuances coupled with our vision of upcoming trends across all fields create unique event experiences transcending all ages and backgrounds....

Our Vision

The backbone of our philosophy is the great care and discretion with which we handle each project and client.

We are known for our unique events which always reflect our clients' sensibilities.

It is integral to our philosophy to develop a unifying vision for every event we create. We believe that it is crucial to have one point person who has an overview of  every element of the event to ensure a cohesive feel and consistency which strengthens the aesthetic and experiential aspects of the event.

We view every event like a theatrical production, in that each of the sensory experiences of sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste are carefully orchestrated resulting in a magical and memorable event.

We know that you want every element of your event to reflect  the vision and objectives of your business, your personality, your life and your style. It is our role to help you articulate the objectives for your event, and then deliver more than you ever hoped for...

We would love the opportunity to help orchestrate your next unforgettably flawless fe'te ...


We specialize in but are not limited to Corporate Events, Charity Galas, Weddings and Social Occasions

  • Event Planning and Management : Basic, Comprehensive and All inclusive 

  • Promotions and PR    

  • Social Media Marketing       

  • Conferences

  • Medical Conventions, Summits and meetings

  • Trade Shows

  • Incentive Programs

  • Media outreach

  • Couture Weddings

  • Destination management solutions

  • Eco-Smart Solutions

  • Product Launches

  • Fashion Shows

  • Interior Decor Solutions

  • Security Solutions   

  • Floral and Environmental Design

  • Fabric Innovations

  • Lighting environment

  • Furniture Collections